Auf Tonträger veröffentlichte Kompositionen und Arrangements:


1. Jazz Compositions

TitelStyleComp. or ArrangerSetupRecorded
Drip DropStraight AheadTobias Becker (C)BigbandNCD4136
Sketches Of A NightmareFast 3/4Tobias Becker (C)BigbandNCD4136
Atomic B.Basie Style Med./FastTobias Becker (C)BigbandNCD4136
JoaquinStraight/FusionTobias Becker (C)BigbandNCD4136
HarmonieAlto Feat. BalladeTobias Becker (C)BigbandNCD4136
Another Goodbye SongPiano/Flugel Feat.Tobias Becker (C)BigbandHGBS 20046
Independent BlueStraightTobias Becker (C)BigbandNCD4068
Wet And SlipperyMed. SwingTobias Becker (C)BigbandNCD4095
Ready For Take Off6/4 LatinTobias Becker (C)BigbandNCD4095
Chris TuneFlugel Feat. BalladeTobias Becker (C)BigbandNCD4095
Life Stream Suite 1. Satz12/8 LatinTobias Becker (C)BigbandNCD4068
Life Stream Suite 2. SatzJazz BalladeTobias Becker (C)BigbandNCD4068
Life Stream Suite 3. Satz6/8Tobias Becker (C)BigbandNCD4068
Life Stream Suite 4. SatzStraightTobias Becker (C)BigbandNCD4068

2. Jazz (Vocal) Arr.

TitelStyleComp. or ArrangerSetupRecorded
SwaneeMed Up SwingTobias Becker (A)Bigband + Voc.NCD4136
A Nightingale Sang InJazz BalladeTobias Becker (A)Bigband + Voc.NCD4136
My RomanceMed. SwingTobias Becker (A)BigbandNCD4095
People Get ReadySoulTobias Becker (A)Bigband + Voc.NCD4095
50 Ways To Leave Your LoverBluesy Med. SwingTobias Becker (A)Bigband + Voc.NCD4095
I’ll Be Seeing YouJazz BalladeTobias Becker (A)Bigband + Voc.NCD4068
Love Me Or Leave MeMed. SwingTobias Becker (A)SWR Big Band + Fola DadaSWR19008CD

3. Pop

TitelStyleComp. or ArrangerSetupRecorded
Only Men/Girl In The WorldMed. SwingTobias Becker (A)Bigband + Strings + Voc.vvrs002-2
Locked Out Of HeavenPop BalladeTobias Becker (A)Orchestra + Voc.tba

4. Pop (Various)

TitelStyleComp. or ArrangerSetupRecorded
Here I AmPop BalladeTobias Becker (A)R.S. + Alto + Strings + Voc.vvrs002-2
For Once In My LifeBossaTobias Becker (A)R.S. + Flugel + Strings + Voc.vvrs002-2
Locked Out Of HeavenPop BalladeTobias Becker (A)Orchestra + Voc.vvrs002-2

5. Bigband (Pop / Easy L.)

TitelStyleComp. or ArrangerSetupRecorded
This Love2.Line / SwingTobias Becker (A)Bigbandvvrs002-2
Nel Blu Di Punto Di BluSwingTobias Becker (A)Bigband + Voc.vvrs002-2
Don’t You Worry ChildUp SwingTobias Becker (A)Bigband + Voc.vvrs002-2
I Need To KnowLatinTobias Becker (A)Bigband + Voc.vvrs002-2
Girl From IpanemaSoulTobias Becker (A)Bigband + Voc.vvrs002-2
HangoverSing, Sing, Sing -StyleTobias Becker (A)Bigband + Voc.vvrs002-2
Fly Me To MoonSwingTobias Becker (A)Bigband + Voc.vvrs002-2
Danke SchönSwingTobias Becker (A)Bigband + Voc.vvrs002-2
Swing MedleySwing (nur Playback)Tobias Becker (A)Bigband + Voc.tba
Der Beste MannShuffleTobias Becker (A)Bigband + Voc.vvrs002-3
An Tagen Wie DiesenShuffleTobias Becker (A)Bigband + Voc.TV (ZDF)
Ein Hoch Auf UnsShuffleTobias Becker (A)Bigband + Voc.TV (ZDF)
Einmal Um Die WeltShuffleTobias Becker (A)Bigband + Voc.TV (ZDF)
Es Gibt Kein ReisStraightTobias Becker (A)Bigband + Helge Schneider (voc)TV (ZDF)
Tropical SoulStraightTobias Becker (A)SWR Big Band + Be Ignacio (voc)TV (SWR)
SunungaStraightTobias Becker (A)SWR Big Band + Be Ignacio (voc)TV (SWR)
Xmas MedleySwingTobias Becker (A)Bigband + Voc.BCD7434

6. Concert Band

TitelStyleComp. or ArrangerSetupRecorded
We Wish You A Merry XmasChoral / Fast SwingTobias Becker (A)Concert BandBCD7430
I Will SurvivePopTobias Becker (A)Concert Band + Voc.ohne Label
A Tribute To Roger CiceroMedley (various)Tobias Becker (A)Concert Band2017
Soundtrack For The FantasySymphonicTobias Becker (C)Concert Band2017